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Sheet Metal Processing (Iron Plate)

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There are two types of sheet metal operations: cutting and forming. There are many other operations that can be performed under these categories. There are many types of sheet metal operations: Shearing Operation Blanking and Fine Blanking Operation Punching Operation Operation Piercing Operation Perforating Slotting Operation Notching Operation Bending Operation Sheet Metal Cutting Operations Simply put, cutting causes sheet metal to be stretched beyond its limit and breaks down. Shearing Operation Shearing refers to the process of cutting sheet metal along a line. This is a common way to cut rectangular shapes, but you can also create other shapes. Blanking and Fine Blanking Operation Blanking refers to the process of cutting a predetermined shape from sheet metal. The part that is punched is called the blank. It is the product required. Any metal left behind is considered waste. Fine blanking, which is similar to the previous but with more precision, can be achieved by using clamping force and small tolerances. Punching Operation The same process is used for punching as blanking. However, the required product is the remaining metal, not the part that has been punched out. It is the opposite product, but it uses the same punching presse and punch and die operations. Operation Piercing The process of piercing involves cutting small holes in sheet metal that are cylindrical and removing very little material. This is accomplished by using a punch-and-die bullet-shaped punch. Operation Perforating Perforation is similar to piercing but the holes are not always round. A pattern of perforating may include more than one hole. Slotting Operation Slotting refers to the process of cutting rectangular holes into sheet metal. Sometimes, it is not finished. Notching Operation Notching refers to the process of cutting shapes from the edges. It involves trimming, trimming, and creating notches along the edge. Sheet Metal Forming Operations For example, when you form sheet metal, the stress is below its ultimate strength. This can lead to distortion.
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